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Our Practice Areas

Small Claims (England/Wales)

Are you looking to recover monies from an unscrupulous 2nd hand car dealer, or compensation for faulty services provided by a builder, or dry cleaning company?
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Civil Small Claims (Scotland)

Have you lost money due to a cowboy builder, or looking to recover monies from an unscrupulous 2nd hand car dealer?
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Employment Disability Discrimination

Have you been discriminated in the workplace.  If so, give your court a call.
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Sex/Race Discrimination

At your court we will offer guidance and legal support to challenge any such instances of discrimination.
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Contract Disputes

The definition of a contract in its simplest form is – a written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy agreement.
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Unfair Dismissal

At your court, we can offer you guidance and support in this complex area of employment law.
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Tenancy Disputes

There is a great many things to do when you are moving home, whether it is your first home, or moving because of work/family commitments, or moving in with a partner.
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UK Coverage

We cover the whole of the UK

your court offer a bespoke legal service to individuals who are representing themselves in legal proceedings throughout the UK